Window Shopping

Ford Retail


Find a way to explain what the Ford Plate Clearance is in plain english. Then promote it.


A Plate Clearance is just like Stocktake Sale, but for cars.


With many of the major retailers doing their annual pre-Christmas Stocktake, we'll create an analogy that swaps cars, for clothes shopping.

This campaign was created with John Pantzopoulos (Art Director)

We wanted to help the consumer understand what a Plate Clearance is, so we established the action a real world retail space they’d be familiar with – a shopfront. Ngaire, our protagonist walks up and admires a dress that’s just come on sale, in a world based on the classic film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. After she’s made her analogy, we transition back into our ‘White World’ retail space where she explains how you can get cars made in 2017, for less.

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