Luxury For Your World, and Theirs

Mazda CX-9


The Mazda CX-9 is a big seven seat SUV. But unlike many other large people movers, it delivers a consistent level of luxury and features, from the front seat to the back.


The way kids see the world compared to the way their parents see theirs is completely different.


The CX-9 brings luxury and family together. The features you enjoy as a parent, your kids enjoy too. They just see them differently.

This campaign was created with John Pantzopoulos (Art Director)


The campaign was based around how parents and their kids see the world differently, and how in the CX-9, family and luxury come together as one. The film component of the campaign is a simple story of kids dressed up to go a birthday party, but in their minds, they’re warriors storming through a battlefield. The kick power tailgate is a handy new feature for parents, but to the little warriors, it’s a battle flag. The push button third row access makes getting into the backseat even easier, but to the kids, it’s like a drawbridge that lowers with a mighty thud as they storm the castle.

Directed by Greg Wood of Exit films, we wanted to weave together a narrative that started separately but ended up coming together, blurring the lines of reality and make believe.


We wanted the radio to have the same sense of intertwined reality as the TV. In this spot, a kid tells his story of getting into the family CX-9 for the first time, while Mum plays along with what’s happening back in the real world.


The Prerolls follow the same format of the launch TVC. Each of them call out a different feature, The kick power tailgate, Heated Seats, Third Row Switch and 360 Degree camera.


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