It all adds up

Ford Retail


Find a way to link two seperate offers into a singular retail campaign.


Great car finance and the value of an extended warranty can sometimes get lost amongst the detail.


Let's spell each offer out, step by step and show how it all adds up to a pretty smart deal.

This campaign was created with John Pantzopoulos (Art Director)


Our challenge was two-fold. Find a way to explain two seperate and somewhat confusing offers. Then bring Ngaire, our presenter back to her original personality; the ‘friend of the consumer’ rather than a salesperson that she was slowly becoming. We decided to use the ‘blueboard’ as a clear graphical device that Ngaire could use to explain the offers in simple way.


We thought the tiny finance rate Ford was offering was kind of a big deal. That and it’s easy to see how 5 is better than 3.

Spotify Radio

We took the idea of ‘bigger and smaller’ from the pre-rolls into the native Spotify ads.