Love Every Minute

Ford Everest


The Ford Everest was a new player in an established 4WD market. Despite winning Drive's 4WD of the year in 2016, the hardcore audience still didn't take it seriously.


In research, they told us their most memorable off-road stories. Surprisingly, it was the harshest, most challenging and unpleasant experiences that they looked back on most fondly.


So we created a platform to celebrate that contradiction. You'll might be bogged, break down, get in over your head - but you'll Love Every Minute.

This campaign was created with John Pantzopoulos (Art Director)

TVC Launch

The Love Every Minute platform launched with TV and Cinema. The hero 30s piece shows the Everest and the people behind the wheel enduring the hardships of real 4WD in gritty black and white, before resolving to a series of smiling full colour portraits.

30s – TVC

15s – Product TVC

During ad breaks, our 30s hero spot was followed in a top and tail format with a 15s product TVC, allowing us to further hammer home the vehicles capabilities.


OOH – Airport Domination 

Our audience indexed heavily in domestic air-travel, so we tailored an OOH approach exclusively for major Airports. Allowing us to take people through our ‘Love Every Minute’ platform via multiple touchpoints. From Departures, the status foyer, the Qantas Lounge, baggage pickup and until they left Arrivals, we were able to show increasingly difficult 4WD situations as they progressed through their journey.






The platform expanded further across social media. Showing an extreme 4WD moment with an accompanying adjective that related to the moment at hand. Our hardcore enthusiast audience was targeted first with our TV assets, then re-targeted with this smaller moments.

The Unfinished Director’s Cut

Finally here’s a 60s version that never got finished. The money ran out. It doesn’t have the red car rotoscoped, it’s all black and white and doesn’t have a proper sound mix. But that doesn’t stop it from rocking. It’s a real shame it never saw the light of day… so here it is.


Bandt | Mumbrella | Campaign Brief