A Cut Above

Mazda CX-5


The Mazda CX-5 was already officially Australia’s favourite SUV. But to solidify its number one position in a crowded market, the 2018 model received new features including a boost to performance, along with a complete interior redesign. It was our job to tell people about it.


When you reach the top of any field. It can be easy for some to get complacent. To think what you’ve got is good enough. This SUV didn’t need an upgrade. It wanted one.


For those who are committed to constant improvement, the sky’s the limit. They will always find a way to go above what’s expected.

This campaign was created with John Pantzopoulos (Art Director)


The way we chose to express the CX-5 going above what’s expected was to create a consistent sense of upwards movement in every piece of the campaign.

For the film assets, we developed a framework of multiple shots of a similar lengths that cut together rhythmically to create a ‘meaning through association’. Each shot would begin with movement at the bottom of the frame before ascending to the top, then flowing effortlessly into the next shot, and repeating again. This all comes together to form a piece that’s less of a series of seperate shots, but more a sum of its parts.


Each of the pre rolls followed the same technique while highlighting the four Mazda ‘pillars’. Performance, Safety, Technology and design.